VW Virtus: The notchback Polo

Sao Paulo (Brazil), 17. November 2017

Until 2005, the VW Polo has been offered in this country from time to time with a saloon. But regardless of whether he was now called, VW Derby, VW Polo Classic and VW Polo sedan, really successfully, the models were compared to the hatchback variants never. Very different in South America, where pretty much all the car manufacturer of your small as a proper limousine. And that's why VW has introduced in Brazil under the name of Virtus to the latest Polo with a notchback.

So far, only one engine is confirmed

Since the Virtus on the same MQB-A0 platform as the hatchback-based model, he shares all sorts of components with the Polo. So the Similarities are to be expected on the front end. And also suspension, steering, engines and transmission should be known. So far, VW has only a 1.0-litre turbo engine confirmed, the generated from its three cylinders, a power output of 128 HP (Ethanol) or 115 HP (gasoline). The torque VW is in the case of two fuels with 200 Newton-metres. 0-100 km/h should be achieved in 9.9 seconds, top speed is 194 km/h.

A longer wheelbase than a Golf

Compared to the Polo, the Virtus is likely to have more space in the interior. The wheelbase was stretched to about ten inches to 2.65 meters. So he has even more space between the axles than a Golf. The length of the Virtus is 4.48 meters, the trunk takes on 521 litres of Luggage. For comparison: A Polo is only 4.05 meters long and the baggage compartment holds only 351 litres. In the Cockpit, Virtus and Polo are similar then more: the 10.3-inch Active Info Display behind the steering Wheel of the Südamerikaners, there is a 8-inch Touchscreen for the center console and USB ports, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for the necessary connectivity.

South America-investments in the billions

However, the Virtus is for VW more than just a new vehicle. He is part of the largest model offensive of the brand in Brazil. By 2020, there should have launched 20 new models, of which 13 produced in the Brazilian plants. For this, the company invested a total of approximately 1.8 billion Euro. Yes, VW seems to be in South America to be investment mode. So it was only announced at the beginning of November, to be invested around 560 million euros for a new SUV model in Argentina, which will run from 2020.(ml)