VW T-Roc: The he costs

Wolfsburg, 18. September 2017

VW makes it a more SUV-class shake up: In October 2017, the new T-Roc starts with the compact Kraxlern. It is now known, what is the cost of the little brother of the Tiguan.

The mug for the base

The entry-level model of the at 4.23 metres long, the T-Roc has the well-known 1.0 TSI with 115 HP under the hood. Only this combination there is for the time being, at the base. There is an air conditioning and a Radio are not included, but nothing more. In addition, the number of possible tools is limited. The price here: 20.390 Euro. Thus, the T-Roc is situated between the equally powerful basic models of Opel Mokka X (18.990€) and the Audi Q2 (23,400 euros).

It can be expensive

Who would like to treat yourself to a contrasting roof, or the "Active Display", you must resort to one of the higher equipment. Both "Style" and "Sport" are here on an equal footing. With the 1.0 TSI Style "" 22.590 Euro, with the 2.0 TDI, all-wheel drive and DSG, the price is 31.825 Euro. In the latter, T-Roc-sports variant is 275 Euro more expensive. There is also the 2.0 TSI with 190 HP, all-wheel drive and DSG. He is 30,800 respectively Euro.

VW to dig in

But we turn our gaze once more to the Style of equipment that is likely to be the most popular. Including 17-inch-Alus, a Two-zones are:-automatic air-conditioning but it costs 390 euros. Also, the two-color paint job is included, if one is content with Urano grey. With Metallic 595 Euro be called. Really expensive, and only the LED headlights (1.085 Euro), but also the "Active Info Display". Here are some more options need to be selected so that the bottom line is 925 euros to beech.(rh)