VW Phaeton and Bugatti standing on the brink

Wolfsburg 7 October 2015

The VW Group, in which the engine on the test bench software pretends low emissions diesel vehicles should be converted from January 2016th All 2.8 million cars in Germany will then be repaired by the end of the same year. The Federal Motor Transport Authority had given the Wolfsburg until today October 7th time for a changeover plan.

Conversion during the year 2016

" We submit to the Federal Motor Transport Authority this week technical solutions. If the accepted, we order the parts. If everything goes according to plan, we can begin in January with the repair, " said CEO Matthias Müller told the " Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ". On most vehicles, rich a software update, but in some other injectors and catalysts are needed, Müller says. The costs will VW recoup through an austerity program again, according to the newspaper report. So investment in machinery and equipment to be moved. Also, the high end model VW Phaeton and the Nobel brands like Bugatti standing on the brink. The commitment to football ?? especially for VfL Wolfsburg and FC Bayern ?? will also be examined. " We turn every stone ," says Müller.

Will jobs be deleted?

As regards the financial consequences, so said Müller, the profit provision of 6.5 billion euros would not be enough. Even the 600,000 VW employees must continue to fear for their jobs. Currently are still not even decided cuts in the temporary workers, council chief Bernd Osterloh as consolidated on the staff meeting yesterday. But the consequences of the crisis are not yet foreseeable. ( sl )