VW Jetta: new edition in Detroit

Detroit (USA), 15. January 2018

A wallflower shines in new splendour: VW shows on the auto show NAIAS in Detroit (15. to 28. January 2018), a completely new Jetta.

Huge Success Of The Car

But what is a wallflower? From a European point of view, the voices, like the sales in the last few years were manageable. In this country, the VW Jetta has already been eliminated from the market, but in the USA, he is the driving force of VW. More than 3.2 million Jetta have been sold already worldwide, VW has built since 1979, approximately 17.5 million copies of the Sedan.

New edition not for Europe

Now the VW Jetta is turned inside out completely, made possible by the modular transverse Toolkit, the short MQB makes it. Thus, the Jetta, the number seven wins, not only in Design, but also in the dimensions. The length grows to four inches and is now at 4.70 meters, the wheelbase is increased to 2.69 meters. Also in the case of width and height, the Jetta has, at the same time the front Overhang was a little shorter, while it has extended the rear Overhang. The trunk volume? 510 liters. So grown, the new Jetta to the European saloon-Passat (4,77 meters) close on the Pelle. To avoid that the edge of the group, the Passat sedan abschmiert finally, VW will offer the new Jetta in Europe. For China, there will be a Jetta derivative, named Sagitar.

Fancy Cockpit

The "Overseas-optimized" Jetta gets, of course, the MQB-usual Armada of assistance systems that come as standard on every model LED headlights. A cute Gimmick is, the coupled light in ten shades, radiant Ambiance, to the driving profile selection. On request there is the "Active Info Display" which forms with the Infotainment a digitized surface in the Cockpit. The only engine is a 1.4 TSI with 150 HP and manual six-speed circuit, the first choice of U.S. customers is expected to be the eight-speed automatic.

Affordable price, fat guarantee

With the new Jetta (runs in Mexico) VW is, according to the Diesel crisis in the US market. In the second quarter of 2018, the Jetta comes from 18.545 Dollar on the market. The equivalent of only well-15.200 Euro, however, local taxes must be added. Interesting by the way, from the point of view of the German VW customers: For the Jetta, there is a Six-year guarantee, 72,000 miles, approximately 116,000 kilometers. Also in 2018, the Arteon starts in the United States, 2019 is a new U.S. Version of the Passat, and another SUV will follow, both on MQB-Basis. By 2020, VW intends to have its model program in America renewed, then the first electric car of the brand also comes with the I. D. Crozz.(rh)