Vuhl 05: Here we go really starts

Mexico City ( Mexico ), July 17, 2015

Blatant sports cars from small design studios always attract a lot of attention when they are shown for the first time. But many of them disappear from the scene when the creative minds out of money for development and production. Unlike the Vuhl 05, which was presented in 2013 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​. From him now the first copy was sold to a collector from Mexico. The Renner thus remains in his home country: The martial flounder was directed by the Mexican brothers Guillermo and Iker Echevierra who run a design agency. The petrol in their blood they received from their father, the designer and racer Guillermo Echeverria Senior, with the life path.

245 km / h top

Is powered Vuhl 05 of a two-liter petrol. The Ford engine powers the 289 hp with stalwart who with the aluminum chassis and the plastic fiber body an easy game. The road trim Only applies to 725 kilograms bolide breaks the tempo 100 - mark after approximately 3.5 seconds and creates 245 km / h top. Is connected to a six-speed box, which also comes from Ford. Contact with the ground put forward 17-inch model with 205 tires and rear 18-inch wheels with 245 tires - forth. Pizza Large brake discs ( 310 mm front, 280 mm rear) bring the hot iron to a standstill.

Only narrow wind deflector

Although the Vuhl is a native Mexican, but it comes with international expertise: Approximately 40 percent of all items come from the UK, the carbon fiber elements are produced in Canada. Insist on request, all bodywork components from the carbon material ?? This saves even more by 30 kilograms of weight. Driver and front passenger are also housed in lightweight carbon fiber shells, but should wear helmets, because there is only a narrow wind deflector instead of a windscreen. For this, the steering wheel can be removed quickly, which makes it easier to get in and out.

Special price for England

The next Vuhl - models will be delivered to owners in 2015 in the Middle East. Particularly important, however Vuhl boss Guillermo Echeverria sees the UK market: here the furious sneaker will be offered to Launch Complete price equivalent 86,300 euros. When and if the Vuhl coming to Germany is not yet known . ( hd )