Volvo-Tuner with new tasks

Cologne, 21. June 2017

since the year 1996 with Volvo is working with Polestar Performance. 2015 is another milestone, and the in-house tuner followed then was taken over to 100 per cent of the car maker. And now further steps are imminent: in the Future, the company wants to offer only a performance enhanced Volvo vehicles under the name "Polestar Engineered", but also completely independent of the models under the brand "Polestar" develop and sell.

With electric cars at Tesla and co.

What models are planned? For this purpose, there is as yet no precise information. According to the manufacturer, the Polestar should be expanded Department, but an electrified, high-performance brand. Is called: Tesla and co. could soon get serious competition from Sweden. How the plans look like and when can we expect the first information to the products? In the fall of 2017 Polestar wants to do more reconnaissance work. As long as it is: Curious.

The new Polestar management level

New Polestar chief Thomas Ingenlath, who was in the last few years at Volvo as a Design Boss. "That Thomas Ingenlath will assume the management of the Polestar Organisation, shows that we are serious to establish an independent brand within the Volvo Car Group," says Volvo CEO HÃ¥kan Samuelsson. Is supported Ingenlath by Jonathan Goodman, who was previously head of corporate communications at Volvo. "With 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, Goodman provides the best conditions to support Ingenlath and his Vision," adds Samuelsson. "Polestar will be a real competitor in the growing global market for electrified high-performance vehicles." (ml)