Volvo Polestar accepts

Cologne, July 16, 2015

Since 1996, the racing company Polestar Performance AB and Volvo working together. Now the Swedish carmaker has taken his long-term partner to one hundred percent. Polestar produced to date not only performance improvements and aerodynamic add-on parts for Volvo, it also correctly sharp street cars on the wheels. So there is a small series of the S60 sedan and the station wagon V70 with 350 bhp three-liter straight-six engine.

Performance cars under the Volvo flag

Under the umbrella of the Volvo Car Group, the offer will now be extended to muscular cars. The most Volvos are ?? comparable to BMW M and Mercedes AMG ?? hot in the future Polestar. What vehicles could be that we wanted a spokesman on demand but not betrayed. What is certain is that the hybrid technology will be further developed in order to offer in the future equally powerful as frugal models.

Racing Team remains

The Polestar Racing Team will get a new name, but remain in the hands of Christian Dahl, the former Polestar owners. Dahl wants to again concentrate on its core business and develop Volvo race cars . ( hd )