Virtually sitting Giulia

Frankfurt, September 17, 2015

The craziest ahead: Alfa Romeo Giulia, the new Nürburgring-Nordschleife in 7:39 minutes circling. This makes it 13 ?? in words: Thirteen! ?? Seconds faster than the current BMW M4. Although the Nordschleife cursed is long, 13 seconds have very much. Thus, the Giulia is the fastest sedan that has ever orbited this very famous route. Although a Nordschleife time for a long time does not make a good car, so this is not necessarily the worst start for Alfas big comeback.

600 Newton meters, 1,524 kilos

Complicity in the mythical time of course is the new, developed with Ferrari Help V6 biturbo aggregate of 2.9 liters pressed quite daring 510 hp and 600 Newton meters. And because the Giulia pretty much aluminum and carbon ( inter alia on the roof, hood, crankshaft and many things in the interior ) used in its QV - top version and thus weighs only 1,524 kilograms, the performance can more than see. Alfa specifies the zero - to - 100 - km / h time of 3.9 seconds, top speed is supercar - crushing 307 km / h. The Giulia QV needs according Alfa 8.5 liters on average.

Follow-wheel and automatic

The level of ambition is also to the driving behavior of the latest Alfa Romeo sedan was taken care of, was already known in parts. There is double wishbone front, variable attenuators, an electronic rear axle ( the per dual clutch, the forces between the rear wheels splits ), an active front spoiler, the revised vehicle dynamics control DNA per four programs, including a Race mode and a new electronic brain that all these parameters possible smart controls. In an interview with an Alfa officials, we learned that the Giulia should promptly come with automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. There to start the top - Romeo exclusively with six-speed manual and rear-wheel drive.

Quality in the interior seems to be true

The interior of the new Giulia makes a very tidy, reduced and high quality and sporty impression. The seating position ?? whether in standard stalls or the optional Sparco Carbon shells ?? is very deep and feels right on the spot to. As you know it from recent sports cars, all halfway important controls are located on the steering wheel. The current assistance systems, there will be in this car. In terms of infotainment sets Alfa at the Giulia on a system with 8.8-inch screen that responds to voice commands and touch and a Harman Kardon hi-fi system. The space on the back seat is surprisingly generous for a 4.64-meter long car.

From 72,000 euros

Of course, the quality of the Giulia will first show, when we are the car actually traveled, but until now the whole package already looks almost scary strong. Alfa Romeo will bring his new driving force as Topversion QV end of 2015 on the market and at prices starting at 72,000 euros. At the start there will be a special performance edition, the quasi offers full amenities including carbon ceramic brakes and carbon fiber bucket seats for 90,000 euros. By comparison, the BMW M3 will start at least 76 101 euros at 72,200 euros, the Mercedes-AMG C cost 63rd The " normal" variants of Giulia Alfa Romeo will communicate early 2016th Expected more gasoline and diesel engines with outputs between 150 and 350 hp . ( sw )