Van for the adventurous

Frankfurt, August 28, 2015

Just in time for the Caravan Salon 2015 in Dusseldorf ( 29 August-6 September ) presented Fiat Professional a new concept car based on the popular panel van. The Fiat Ducato 4x4 expedition is to give the fans of motorhomes the opportunity to even off well constructed roads to live out their adventurous spirit.

150 hp and an automated six-speed gearbox

The concept car, which is not intended for mass production, is based on a panel van with long wheelbase and high roof. The rolling Expedition living room is powered by a four-cylinder turbodiesel with 150 hp. An automated six-speed gearbox sends power by means of a differential means including viscous coupling and a locking differential on the rear axle on all four wheels. Higher ground clearance, the wider track and large all-terrain tires in size 275/45 R 16 ensure the promised road capability.

Winch and viewing platform

Even from the outside showing the Ducato, that he wants to be a serious off-road vehicle. A stable metal plate protects the engine, which attached to the front winch freed the motorhome from any predicament. The roof rack is used not only for luggage transport, but is also an eight-foot high observation deck.

Interior of the yacht outfitter

In the interior the company has Tecnoform which otherwise endows even yachts, rinse off steam. Lounge character and modern materials set the tone. Two retractable screens, supported by a sophisticated sound system, are available for entertainment of the crew. The built-in furniture with integrated lighting make her a lot. Who does not want to do without modern technology even in the most remote regions of the world, for the have a holder for Tablets, an entertainment system with an integrated navigation system and rear view camera and LED daytime running lights available.

Exhibition tour of Europe

According to Fiat Ducato camper than 500,000 were sold to avid travelers families in the last ten years. All the more regrettable that the Ducato 4x4 Expedition to remain just a concept car. Those who want to get a picture of extreme Ducato itself, which had warmly recommended in addition to the Caravan Salon the fairs in Parma ( Italy ), Le Bourget ( France ) and Birmingham ( England ). There, the concept car will also be on display . ( mf )