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Knokke - le - Zoute ( Belgium ), 13 October 2014

If the auction house Bonhams auctioned vehicles, no cars are offered everyday. Exclusive small series, record vehicles or famous previous owners are not rare. Now auctioned Bonhams in Belgium Knokke - le - Zoute a car that combines all of these properties.

Record-breaking vehicle

A Ferrari F40 in itself is something special: He is the last Ferrari, who was himself from the company founder Enzo Ferrari commissioned. The occasion was the 40th anniversary in 1987, the only 1100 kg lightweight super sports car has a 2.9 - liter V8 with 478 hp installed, the speed it up in just 4.1 seconds from zero to 100 km / h. Circuit is only 325 km / h. These values ​​were not only the end of the 80 - year record-breaking.

the first owner

Initially it was planned to build only 450 copies of the F40. Since the car but mighty received a lot of encouragement, Ferrari decided to produce more vehicles. Until 1992, exactly 1,315 F40 at a price of DM 444,000 (about 227,000 Euros ) were produced. One of them was on 30 March 1989 Nigel Mansell. The Briton will start at that time already successfully in Formula 1 in 1992, he became even Formula 1 World Champion.

The first auction

As Mansell became World Champion, he had sold his F40 already for some time. Not even a year had the racers of the registered owner. In late 1989, the car was so its second owner. A third owner and many more were to follow in the next few years, until the F40 chassis number " ZFFGJ34B000080022 a" appeared in 2012 in France again. There he was auctioned in Paris for 374,561 euros.

Huge price increase

Only two years later, now followed the next auction at Bonhams in Belgium. The price for the former Formula 1 driver cars rose this enormous: Only at 690,000 euros, the hammer fell. The contract was awarded an unknown bidder on the phone. A lot of money for a car with 36,000 kilometers on the clock. A Ferrari F40 with less illustrious previous owners generally achieved Prices from 300,000 to 400,000 euros . (ml)