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No Ka - tzenjammer more

Not so original, but solid: The current Ford Ka makes a lot better than its ancestor. But no problem-free driving even the newer models not by the HU.

The old Ka was sometimes a disaster at the main study. Twelve years of the first generation of mini-car was built, a bestseller, but noticed by many TÜV - related defects. The new Ka has not only adopted by the spherical design from 2009, but will also provide high-quality technically much better. This is not always possible to Cologne from Polish production but.

Body and interior:

Even if there is no visual similarities, the Ka tells the Fiat 500 a large part of the art, they roll together in the Polish Fiat plant in Tychy from the tape. The new Ka, which is available as a three and five-door comes, outwardly not as idiosyncratic as its predecessor, therefore, rather it looks like a small version of the Fiesta. For the second generation now has a bit more room for passengers in the back seat. Plenty of space in the luggage compartment is 224 liters not, but the trunk is very well usable. Inside is a wide center console with contrasting plastic Ka emblem and generously distributed controls eye catcher - not necessarily classy, ​​but original. The seats are soft and tend to offer little lateral support, but for use in city traffic is okay.

Engines and chassis:

Much dynamics can not be expected from the offered 1.2-liter gasoline engine. The 51 kW/69 bhp engine acts rather tough. By the end of 2010, the gasoline engine with no start-stop system had to make do and was quite thirsty. A 1.3 - liter diesel with 55 kW/75 hp yet been offered to the market launch ( also from the end of 2010 with start-stop ), he is currently no longer in the program. In its prime - discipline chassis tuning, the Ford engineers gave the Ka an additional stabilizer at the front axle and thus more driving fun with than its platform - brother Fiat 500 promises.

Features and security:

In the basis of the Ka goes spartan before, air conditioning and CD radio it is only optional, or from the line " Cool & Sound", the stability control is only available at extra cost (360 euros ) - a feature to which it relates to the purchase of used vehicles eighth worthwhile. In the EuroNCAP crash test of Ka could reach 2008, four out of five stars.


Although the Ka as subcompact cars on average less miles on the clock than the average new car, which drives up after three years at the TÜV, it cuts a little above average from defects liable. There would, for example, inherited from the previous weaknesses in the axle suspension, excessive wear on the brake discs, often rusted exhaust - mind you at the first HU. On top of the engine problem, which is also already characterized the first generation: The Ka often falls TÜV auditors with heavy loss of oil negatively on.


The second Ka is a reliable boy ( unlike his predecessor), says the breakdown statistics. The which were noted by the TÜV defects prove, however, that he has quite a few typical wear points - so he does not do everything better than its ancestor. Anyone who has doubts, holding on to a copy of a few kilometers. As early as around 4000 Euros are getting old Kas four years. Well equipped and with a few kilometers you have to put at least a thousand euros more on the table.