Ups and downs: DS 7 Crossback

According to the Bovag are roughly 140 instances registered. The majority of the DS 7 Crossback-riders would be a new DS customer. Which cars are on the DS be exchanged, it is difficult to say. The importer says that it is a broad mix of brands and models, but because 80 percent of the DS riders in the car business driving, and 80 percent of them are the car lease, is the inruilpercentage not great.

The lion's share of the 7 Crossback-clients come to us with DS for a diesel engine. 76 percent of the customers choose a gasoline engine over the dieselversies. The remaining 24 percent will do for a diesel engine. 80 percent of all sold 7's Crossback is equipped with an automatic transmission. The PureTech 180 is, however, the most popular source of power. Indeed, a petrol engine. The most popular implementation is according to the importer the Executive. Also the PureTech 225 PerformanceLine, the sportiest taste in which the car is available, do it according to DS free pretty. The selling of it amounts to approximately half of that of the most popular implementation (PureTech 180).

Of course, there's plenty to tick on the options list of the 7 Crossback

Recently presented DS the 7 Crossback E-Tense, a new plug-in hybridevariant of the French SUV The order books are, of course, in the run-up to that moment opened. The importer wants to make any statements about the verkoopverwachting of this version.