Updated Ford Mondeo for China

Ford has in China a modeljaarupdate for the Mondeo presented.

Ford uses worldwide, one particular Mondeo-policy, and that has not only to do with the fact that we have the car later than the North Americans, or that the car is in the United States, 'Fusion' is called. In 2016, the Fusion in the United States gefacelift and in march of this year was the car for the American market updated again. In Europe reed, until recently, the 'old' Mondeo around, but recently it became clear that Ford is a kind of draft version had been introduced. Since the Mondeo to the 6.2-emission standards, the Wagon, a new tailgate with a over the entire width of the rear running chroomstrip. Official photos we have, however, had never seen. In China is now an updated Mondeo is presented in which the car will be beter to see.

Now in China, launched revamped Mondeo has new rear light units and, indeed, across the back of the Mondeo Wagon is now running a chroomstrip. Also this Mondeo still has not the new headlight units that are on the North American Fusion had a place. Also the sedanversie gets new taillights, ct, but, Ford are still no photos. Inside, the Mondeo in detail, adjusted, adjustments, mainly related to the equipment and the options list. The instrument cluster is now fully digital and has a diameter of 10.1 inches. On the Chinese order form put Ford among others, a 240-hp strong benzineversie. In addition, would the suspension under the microscope are taken.

We are awaiting a response from Ford to the Netherlands on the question of whether this is the recently announced revamped Mondeo is or 'tussensmaak' .


Ford the Netherlands to let you know that there vanuitgaat that this Chinese Mondeo the 'intermediate version'.