UK returns to the Netherlands for road safety

The British 'Highway Code' since this week a piece of vernederlandst

You expected probably read in the intro, a revolutionary security measure that thousands of lives have to go rescue because the to the British traffic law manages to penetrate. That is, however. For us it was yet an unknown term, but the Brits go to work with the 'Dutch reach": our way of autoportieren open. Drivers and passengers are soon to be encouraged to our way of using it from the inside to open the doors of the car. What is so special about our way? Dutch (shine) with the hand farthest from the door, the door handle to operate. In our lhd cars means that the right hand, in Great Britain is that the left arm.

Anyone who has the door open, is more inclined to over the shoulder to look before the door opens. So you see less of the other traffic on the head before opening the door, which, for example, a cyclist not openzwaaiende door to get. The British secretary of state for transport, Jesse Norman, told the Uk's AutoExpress that "the Uk roads are one of the safest in the world, but there is more attention for cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users." How many British victims each year fall by openzwaaiende doors of unwary drivers is not known. But in that case: each of the victims, there is of course one too many. Then now the question: do you use the 'Dutch reach'?