Tuning tools for the Audi sports Coupé

Kürten, 24 November 2016

The Essen motor show 2016 is coming. The exhibition halls for visitors will be open beginning November 25 and numerous exhibitors and tuner, show this year what they have to offer new. Such as HG - Motorsport. The performance specialists present in food the first finishing program for the dewy Audi TT RS.

The technical data of the production version

RS drive technically the new TT is no child of sadness. Under the hood is a 2.5 five-cylinder turbo gasoline, which let go of 400 HP and 480 Newton metres on a four-wheel drive. So equipped, the Ingolstädter Sprint in 3.7 seconds to 100 and is captured electronically only at 250 km/h.

Show vehicle with some tuning tools

The HG - Motorsport show vehicle already also has an all-new exhaust system with a diameter of 89 mm, a new intake, as well as a new intercooler. However, is still under development located a downpipe. The consequences have the reconstruction measures for the technical specifications and the performance, could not be determined yet during the short conversion time and before the fair usage.

Also the look may not come

Also, HG - Motorsport has somewhat made the TT top model in optical or also executed according to personal taste. But they are suitable for a tuning show three-part 20-Inchers on all cases. Also installed a KW Coilover suspension, which provides not only for a lowering, but should also be held responsible for increased driving dynamics, and the sport Coupé was foiled by Lübeck ink. (ml)