Travel Lounge on wheels

Rüsselsheim, Germany, May 31, 2016

The Opel Zafira: About 2.7 million times the Rüsselsheim brought so far the space saver with the characteristic seven seats to the man and the woman. Now a model change is coming. The new Zafira is equipped visually modern and latest technologies.

Fresh exterior design

The new exterior design makes the Zafira especially on the front in wider. The headlight fuse with the grille and are connected by a three-dimensional chrome trim. The double swing LED daytime running lights can be the Zafira modern and chic look. The wheel arches are muscular and easily issued.

Spacious interior with lots of technology

In the Interior, especially the newly designed instrument panel is striking. Also, the former monitor of the infotainment system was replaced by a touch screen, which has moved further downwards in the centre console. As a result some buttons could be saved. Two IntelliLink systems are available: the "R-4.0" radio with Smartphone integration and the "Navi 950" for friends of the built-in navigation. A 4 G / LTE-Wi-Fi hotspot up to seven mobile devices in the Zafira can be supplied with an Internet connection one per passenger. The ergonomics of the Zafira seats are versenk - and movable, so that of 710 litres in five-seater configuration with two sit folded to up to 1,860 litres of boot space when fully folded, anything is possible. You have the choice between a family van with seven seats and a small truck. Also the "Flex-rail" centre console can be reduced with large storage compartments on aluminium Rails there, where you just need.

The bicycle rack and many motors

The pull-out bike rack in the rear bumper is intended for active families, is to use like a drawer. The new Zafira comes with a variety of engines on the market: from gasoline and diesel, LPG up to gas-powered engines, everything there is. But nothing is known about exact Motorenspezifikationen. (mf)