Stuttgart, 25. September 2017

He is in the road image is omnipresent: Since 1995, Mercedes has produced more than 3.3 million Sprinter and sold the van in over 130 countries. An important model for the brand and the Sprinter-users in the form of package services, and other. A first sketch shows how the new Sprinter will look like in 2018.

The States in the view

Is not presented to the view without an ulterior motive on the "North American Commercial Vehicle Show" in Atlanta. The USA have now developed the second-largest Sprinter market. This is why Mercedes is building a factory in North Charleston (South Carolina). So far, the US Sprinter were manufactured in Germany, but were decomposed due to high import duties and in the USA, assembled again.

Not a VW brother, but independently

Visually, the new Mercedes based Sprinter at the 2016 shown in the study "Vision Van". A slightly contrasting bonnet in the style of the V-class is under more stress that it is the sister model of the VW Crafter. The Crafter and Sprinter were previously a joint development, so Mercedes and VW go now separate ways. Because of the recently renewed Crafter will be offered in the meantime as YOU TGE. Back to the next Sprinter, which should come in the first half of 2018 in the European market. Promised and more driving assistance systems and connectivity services, plus a new telematics for fleet management. The variety is to be significantly expanded. The Vision Van-a study of 2016 had an electric motor with 270 km of range. Also, such an Option could provide the new Sprinter in the long term. In the gallery you can find all of the current competitors to the Sprinter.(rh)