Transport Minister Dobrindt pulls a Porsche Cayenne from the traffic

Bonn, 28. July 2017

At a press conference on Thursday, the 27. July 2017, announced Federal transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) for the current Porsche Cayenne with a three-liter diesel engine (Cayenne 3.0 TDI 193 kW, Euro 6) an Authorisation has been banned. In the case of the vehicle, it was found that on the roller test bench, a different exhaust showed behaviour in real road traffic, so it is equipped with a "Cheat software".

Dobrindt: "Improper Shut-Down Device"

In particular, the Minister said: "another part of our emission analyses is as a result. We have investigated the vehicles of the brand Porsche type Cayenne 3.0 TDI Euro 6. On the dynamometer, a so-called warm-up jumps to strategy will not be activated in real traffic. This is according to our assessment, a so-called test detection, and we consider this as an illegal defeat device."

Admission ban

Dobrindt said that his authority will arrange for an official, mandatory recall, as was done in other cases. Furthermore, the Minister said: "this is a vehicle that is still in production. Therefore, we will Express more a prohibition of Approval, to other Software is available, which must be approved by the force travel Federal office."

7,500 cars in Germany affected

That means that Porsche should stop selling the Cayenne models with three-liter diesel engine for the time being. On the question Dobrindt said that it is 7.500 in Germany licensed SUVs and in the whole of Europe to 22,000. The NOX value on the dynamometer was Dobrindts information for a 54.9 mg/km, while it was without a warm-up strategy 138,55 mg/km. The Euro 6 standard imposes a limit of 80 mg/km.

VW Touareg 3.0 TDI with the same Software?

Dobrindt added that the virtually identical VW Touareg 3.0 TDI could also be affected, as to be assumed that the same Software could be used. His Ministry had not reviewed this yet. A corresponding Test will be made immediately.

Fix by Software Update?

Finally, Dobrindt was confident that Porsche could solve the Problem quickly: "The vehicles are equipped with modern exhaust gas cleaning technology, so that Porsche from our point of view is in the location of the exhaust gas values to be complied with and that, we believe, therefore, that Porsche is quickly able to deliver a corresponding change to the Software in order to bring these vehicles in a compliant state."

The Diesel comes from Audi

On Friday afternoon, Porsche even took to the process position. In a press release, it says that the callback after the release of the proposed technical Software Updates will launch by the KBA, which is expected in the fall of 2017, and, as soon as possible. The owners of the vehicles would be contacted directly by their competent Porsche-Partner. The free workshop will take place after agreement as soon as possible and in about an hour. Are affected across Europe, roughly 21,500 vehicles of model years 2014 to 2017, including 6,000 in Germany. In the press release, Porsche also leads the brand self-developed Diesel engines and produces, and makes a side slash on the engine suppliers to the Audi. As a vehicle manufacturer Porsche is taking the full responsibility to the customer.(ph)