Toyota's little helper

Toyota City (Japan), 16. October 2017

How will mobility look like in the future? Virtually every major car manufacturer makes about it. At the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017 (28. October to 5. November) shows Toyota his ideas on the subject.

In the sign of the I

Already at the CES electronics exhibition, which took place at the beginning of 2017 held in Las Vegas, had Toyota introduced the four-wheel-driven Concept-i. The core of the study is a System with a strong artificial (or artificial) intelligence. You should be able to understand the feelings and preferences of the driver and the Autonomous Driving on customize. New to the bunch is the Concept of i-Ride, according to the manufacturer "universal, small vehicle," that has particularly wheelchair users and older people in the view is now.

Mobility in old age: the Concept i-Ride

Sounds like a niche? Not necessarily, if you look at the demographic development of Japan. By 2030 a quarter of the population will be older than 65 years. Many of these people do not live in the cities, which the Toyota Concept i-Ride comes into play. With only 2.50 m, the study is so long as the first Smart Fortwo, the wheelbase of the Toyota is 1.80 meters. Fit two people into it, primary it but the driver. He is seated centrally in front of a large Display, and controls the car exclusively via a Joystick. Persons can apply with physical limitations the command. Gull-wing doors and an electrically towards the door, moving the seat to facilitate access for wheelchair users. The wheelchair, as such, will be charged in conjunction with the hinged door in and out.The drive of the Toyota Concept, the i-Ride is carried out electrically, the range is specified with 100 to 150 kilometers.

Pedestrians with electric drive: Concept i-Walk

Automated driving functions is also the at first glance bizarre-looking Concept i Walk. It is reminiscent of a Segway scooter, but has three wheels. Unlike the Segway, the control is performed not by shifting your weight, but by a Joystick. The maximum of 70 centimetres long and 40 centimetres wide study for the movement on the sidewalk. In case of danger, the driver is warned, it is automatic measures to avoid the accident consequences. Use of the electric vehicle could be up to 20 km range, according to Toyota in sights, but also about Sharing services.(rh)