Toyota wants to drive trucks with hydrogen

Cologne, 24 April 2017

Yes, Toyota and the mobility of the future. The automaker has once made acceptable the hybrid powertrain with the Prius and late 2015 the Japanese with the Mirai even a sedan with fuel cell in the series program. Now it goes a step further and Toyota shows a hydrogen-based fuel cell drive specifically for heavy trucks. The drive system will allow a silent and pollution-free transport of goods and cargo. No loud and smelly trucks more? That would be something, right? And to prove that it not only loud with this announcement and plays fast elegicheskaja pie in the sky, first tests with a concept vehicle at the ports of Los Angeles already start in the summer of 2017.

670 HP, 1,800 nm and 320 km range

The fuel truck more than 670 horsepower and also develops a maximum torque of almost 1,800 Newton meters. The energy for the relatively small 12-kilowatt battery produced by two fuel cell stacks, which are used also in the Mirai. To the performance, there is yet no information. Toyota announces but that "The acceleration of up to 36-ton concept vehicle particularly impressive" supposed to be. A vague number provides the manufacturer but only to the range: over 320 kilometres should be possible with a tank of gas.

Who wants hydrogen drives, needs to build gas stations

Called "Project Portal" testing in the port of Los Angeles is now working closely with the environmental protection agency, California Air Resources Board (CARB). "With the use of this emission-free fuel cell truck concept at the port, Toyota sets an example which I hope many will follow", explains CARB administrator Mary D. Nichols. However, in addition to "Project Portal" attempts to pave the way for the fuel cell by the company expands the hydrogen filling station network in California along with shell Toyota in other areas. When we get to see hydrogen trucks on our highways? Here you will not commit himself still. But Bob Carter, Vice President of Toyota Motor North America, is sure that "the hydrogen-based fuel cell technology has enormous potential to become the drive of the future". (ml)