Toyota builds the perfect London-Taxi

Tokyo (Japan), 25. October 2017

Have you ever been to Japan? If Yes, then you are noticed there, maybe the Taxis. Always perfectly maintained car with lace doilies on the headrests and uniformed drivers wear white gloves. The limousine itself seem strangely antiquated. And with good reason: Only for fleet customers such as taxi driver of a Toyota building, for example, since 1995, almost unchanged from the 4.60 meters long Comfort. However, in the year 2020 the middle of the Olympic games in Tokyo, and with them, more tourists than usual. In order for this to be a modern chauffeured, Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show (25. October to 5. November 2017) the "JPN Taxi" will be presented.

British optics, Japanese needs

In the same place, Toyota was already in the year 2013, the study of the "JPN Taxi" (JPN stands for Japan). Four years hardly changed series version follows. To us Europeans the look of the car acts strangely usual, is reminiscent to the famous London Taxi. But here as there it comes to things like wheelchair transport and a convenient entry. That is precisely the JPN Taxi points to, finally, the Japanese society is aging in time lapse.

Easy access with wheelchair

In the future older people will need to not in the antiquated Toyota Comfort weave, but in the JPN Taxi. For this page, which is located in Japan on the left, a sliding door on the passenger. The feet must only be about a 32-inch-high threshold. For wheelchair users this is not a steep angle on the optional mounting ramp. Also noteworthy is the dimensions of the sliding door: 72 cm wide and 1.30 meters high. Although already in the passenger compartment is enough space for Luggage, there are still a 401 litre boot. He has to swallow two horizontal stowed suitcase. On the right side of a normal opening door is located behind the driver.

Visibility and safety

The driver. in the JPN Taxi by the shape and Position of the A-pillars a good view of the road Add to that the Japanese pattern of mirrors on the fenders. A large Monitor shows the route to the destination and the travel cost, he is also in the field of view of the passengers. As standard, six Airbags and the "Safety Sense"safety system from Toyota. The latter is a collision warning, including a pedestrian detection and a track includes, among other things, stop the wizard.

Hybrid with LPG

The drive is a Hybrid with 1.5 litre engine and LPG-mode. Fuel consumption according to Toyota? 5.2 liters on 100 kilometers. The JPN Taxi will be offered exclusively in Japan only. Two trim levels are available, the simple variant costs 3.277.800 Yen, the equivalent of EUR 24,500. Per month, Toyota plans to sell around 1,000 units of the JPN Taxi.(rh)