Torqeedo: BMW-i3-technology in the boat

Munich, 6. July 2017

The BMW i3 can now also swim. Well, not the entire electric car, but at least part of it. BMW provides namely in Dingolfing-made Lithium-ion batteries on the boat-engine manufacturer Torqeedo.

Silently over the lake

Torqeedo was founded in 2005 in Starnberg, Germany. Not without a Background: On the Starnberger see and the Ammersee in front of the gates of Munich, there are no approval limits for electric boats. Of Torqeedo benefits and builds electric and Hybrid drive systems from one to 160 HP.

Electricity storage from the i3

Now BMW comes word so literally in the boat. The company builds its batteries in-house, in the i3, a Lithium-ion battery consisting of eight modules, each with twelve cells. Also, the heating and cooling system is a BMW development. The latest battery pack in the i3 brings it to a capacity of 94 amp-hours for, respectively, 33 kilowatt-hours. Torqeedo combines the BMW battery with its most powerful engine series for Inner and outer border as well as for hybrid systems up to 160 HP.(rh)