Tools for VW Compact sports car

Wolfsburg, 10. November 2017

The VW Golf R with its properties of a fixed size in the Compact sports car world. It is not too noticeable, it is especially demanding and it is not too expensive. Up-to-date 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo petrol engine powered the all-wheel drive with 310 HP. In addition, he has space for five occupants and a large boot, which is even greater if you opt for the multi-Version Variant and not for the hatchback model. Now, VW offers its R-customers the Chance, the models with double-clutch transmission with a "Performance"-package.

Repeal of the limited maximum speed

The "Performance"package is an official VW Upgrade that is available for 2.950 Euro. The hatchback model, it includes a new roof edge spoiler that provides 20 kilograms more downforce. This lighter and more powerful R-Performance brake calipers with black calipers and silver Logo. For the wheel arches, 19-inch alloy wheels named "Spielberg" or "Pretoria". The electronic 250 km/h maximum speed limit is repealed. The Golf R reaches a new top speed of 267 km/h The Golf R Variant creates even 270 km/h, but must do without the roof spoiler.

Titanium exhaust system for 3,800 euros

In addition, an R-Performance exhaust system with four round tailpipes can be ordered. She was of the Akrapovič developed, is made of titanium, seven kilograms lighter than the normal exhaust system and is designed to give the Golf R a "unique acoustics". The exhaust system fails, once again, with 3,800 euros and not for the Variant available.(ml)