Today, a dictator

Riga ( Latvia ), 21 October 2014

You have a lot of money? Or a lot of power? You might be very afraid? Then now is exactly the right car for you: the Latvian company, Dartz, famous for martial monster SUV, the Prombron shows "Black Shark ".

German base

Named after a Russian combat helicopter "Black Shark " the shortened version of the PRVY is ( Dartz connoisseurs know Opinion). It is based on the platform of the Mercedes GL 63 AMG, ergo is the wheelbase of 3.07 meters, while under the hood ( at least ) 557 PS work. Much emphasis is placed on the safety of the occupants: How can the discs darken electrochromatically, added invisibly mounted door handles, the unpopular Paparazzi miss an electric shock. The Kevlar-titanium construction of the body to ward among other electromagnetic attacks by special mines, the grille is armored. Overall, the car meets the security level B7.

Comprehensive monitoring

An agent Movies recalls the built-in fingerprint scanner and eyes, a special system monitored according to Dartz the driver's physical and mental condition. As mobile app can be monitored from outside the "Black Shark ". If too much meaner rabble gathered around the car, sirens and warning lights can be turned on.

Do not tell SUV!

Leo Jankelowitsch, founder and owner of Dartz, incidentally, has the concept SUV indignant for his creations of themselves. This term would put the vehicle back higher Shopping coach for its customers in the near Farmers Pick - ups and mums. Instead, Leo skin rather powerful on the plaster and notes that the "Black Shark " three things combined: Imperial Russian opulence inside, Soviet military strength in armor and German art of engineering at the platform.

A car for Mister Bond

Only ( or fortunately ) five copies of "Black Shark " are planned. One of these is dedicated as a "true agent vehicle of the 21st century " James Bond 007. The battleship - gray part has a special roof as protection against snipers, a road traffic analyzer, a Funkstöranlage and a detector for explosive presents. Inside it comes to classy: Hand-polished champagne glasses in sterling silver, a gold-plated water pipe and a humidor take the car to the lounge. For the purpose of entertainment are the latest versions of Xbox and Playstation as well as an LTE hotspot on board. It will be interesting to see what will say 007 outfitter Q to this chariot . ( rh )