Three innovations in the EuroNCAP crash test

Brussels (Belgium), 22 June 2016

This precious scrap will shock some brand fans, but serves the safety of European drivers. And while many of the right, because the EuroNCAP safety authority has shut three new bestseller on the wall. What about the safety of Giulia Alfa Romeo, the seat Ateca and the VW Tiguan?

Alfa Romeo Giulia: five star

The hope of Alfa Romeo, the notchback sedan Giulia, brings the maximum of five stars. EuroNCAP shares his results in four areas: adult occupant protection (at the Alfa 98 per cent), protection of children (81 percent), pedestrian protection (69 per cent) and the security systems (60 percent). As you can see, the Alfa in the adult protection brings a very good rating, only the frontal-offset crash the torso of the driver will be charged more. Meanwhile also testing autonomous braking functions belongs to the testing programme EuroNCAP, here the Alfa performs well.

Seat Ateca: five star

Also the first SUV of brand seat, Ateca, scores with five stars. The single "protection" values are distributed as follows: 93 percent adults, 84 per cent children and 71 percent of pedestrians. 60 percent are there for the security systems. About eleven different child seats were installed, the installation succeeded at any furniture easily. The upper body of the passenger will be heavily charged at the frontal with total vehicle width, otherwise the Ateca protects its occupants well.

VW Tiguan: five star

Slightly better than the technically closely related seat Ateca cuts the new VW Tiguan. His "protection" values: 96 percent adults, 84 per cent children and 72 percent pedestrians. Due to a better equipped with security systems, the Tiguan here gathers 68 percent. As in Ateca, the upper body of at the full frontal passenger will be charged more. Surprise: Despite an active bonnet, its basin area is endangered than at the seat in a collision with a pedestrian. One reason may be the later be applied in front of the VW. (rh)