Thread springs for Mercedes-AMG C 63

Lennestadt, 20. April 2018

With the current Generation of the C 63 and C 63 S Mercedes-AMG has achieved a very focused athlete. Power delivery and sound of the 4.0-litre Biturbo V8 is the Best you can get currently on the market. But also the driving dynamics of the middle class stands out for Top model. Anyone who would still like a bit more, be it in the chassis Performance, or simply in terms of a richer look, is now at the specialists from H&R able to find. And, without the need for a no compromise coilover suspension among his beloved Power-Benz with screws.

Continuously adjustable lowering

"Height-adjustable spring system" (HVF) is the magic word. Behind the adjustable suspension springs, adapted to AMGs RideControl sport suspension stuck infinitely. Say: you will benefit from a step-less lowering, without the need for the adaptive series damper swap. At the front, the C 63 and C 63 S will go in the order of 25 to 40 mm in the knee, the back is 15 to 30 mm. The C 63 coupe is 20 to 35 further 30 to 45 mm. H&R promises to be the HVF System, a driving comfort on series level. At the same time, the deeper focus is to provide for a further increase in driving dynamics.

Trace boards available

Of course, the 19-inch wheels are, in consequence deeper and richer in the wheel well. H&R draws cars compared to AMGs DTM and refers to the long-standing technology partnership with the DTM-Team HWA, the contests for Mercedes its racing. In addition, the Sauerland for all C-63 models also their Trak+wheel spacers. Depending on the embodiment, the wheels of the M3/M4 Hiking nachwürzt opponent in order to six to 30 mm per axis, what is the optic again. According to H&R all the offered components are "100 percent Made in Germany" and have the necessary parts report. The HVF System costs for the different C-63 variants each, 778 Euro, the spacers are from 44 euros.(sw)