This sedan will remain a luxury

Munich, 29. September 2017

The current 7-series Generation is the first since the end of 2015, to luxury customers, but now our spy photographers shots are successful, the show rides the Facelift model test. What BMW is planning for the future of the limousine-top of the range model? We have searched for answers to this question.

Dynamic and progressive. But boring ...

The current sevens is one of the most dynamic and at the same time the most technologically advanced vehicles on the market. But the somewhat boring appearance, and the little impression of the interiors are for many a reason, to transfer any six-figure amount to BMW. Instead, it is used on the smaller 5 series, or in the direction of the Mercedes S-class, Audi A8 or even the Tesla Model S is oriented. For this reason, the Facelift will undergo significant changes.

Updates for the exterior and interior

In the photos it is easy to see that the Bavarian car maker plans to have a new face with new headlamps and a new bonnet and the impressive radiator grill. The Changes at the rear are less dramatic. New tail lights it will be. The wars. The interior should make (in our opinion) a larger leap forward. In addition, we expect new technologies, the increase on the one hand, the self-driving capabilities, and on the other hand, the operation improve. In terms of operation to move from 2018 onwards, therefore, also Alexa of Amazon in BMW vehicles.

And under the sheet metal?

What is it with the drives? We do not assume that BMW applies to the powertrains big Hand. A little more power, however, would be conceivable and Insider predictions of a second Plug-in Hybrid Option in addition to the 740e iPerformance.

High-End icons, the market and the competition

The car will be in addition to the i8, the upcoming X7 and the planned 8-passenger models, as a High-End car markets. As a sign of this exclusivity, these vehicles will get a black-and-white Version of the brand logo, how it came to be, for the first time 100 years ago. With the 7-market introduction, we do not expect before mid-2019. And what is the competition doing? A new Tesla Model S is currently still in the stars. The brand new Audi A8-Generation is just shortly before its market launch and with a new Mercedes S-class, we are not to be expected before 2020.(ml)