This range is a spaceship

Schwalbach, 23 February 2016

You know all these misshapen airport tug, which put the aircraft on the runway or on the Terminal. These vehicles fulfil their purpose though, but not exactly pretty. But for example a range Rover autobiography would be much prettier. That thought is probably Sir Richard Branson, his company, founder of Virgin Galactic.

Range Rover and the space

Branson namely recently presented his new space baby: the "SpaceShipTwo". And what would be appropriate to use Rover to move the ship before the eyes of the guests as a vehicle of cooperation with country. On board the range Rover autobiography, even some of the future astronauts sat the most luxurious top model from Land Rover next to Branson.

Space tourism

The SpaceShipTwo was baptized later in the presentation of Professor Stephen Hawking on the name "VSS Unity". The "unity" is the second ship of Virgin Galactic. The company wants to make space tourism suitable for mass production. About 700 passengers should have already paid a space ticket. The first model that crashed "Enterprise", from 2014 on a test flight. Three more models will follow.

The range Rover autobiography

The range Rover autobiography scores with much comfort and lush amenities. His power is the vehicle with the pull of the VSS unity. While the towing capacity is allowed only up to 3.5 tonnes, the ten-ton space ship appears but for the range no problem to have been. (mf)