This Lagonda wedge could start in 2021

Geneva, 6. March 2018

Lagonda, that was ... that's right, the luxury brand of luxury manufacturer Aston Martin. Long time no hear. Apart from the extremely limited 2015 Lagonda sedan, the there were never. And the 2009 SUV of study Lagonda Concept, you forget rather quickly. Now Aston Martin breathed into his noble Arm at the Geneva auto salon 2018 new life. With the extremely progressive study Lagonda Vision Concept. The unusually drawn electric sedan intended to take the Design of a new range of Lagonda models, anticipating that you want to bring up to 2023 on the market. What you see here could even be in 2021 a reality.

Only emission-free

Aston Martin looks in the revived name Lagonda "the first luxury brand that travels exclusively with the use of emission-free propulsion technologies". We don't know what Tesla says, but if we look at the Lagonda Vision Concept so that a Standard brand "Rolls rather Royce up" meant.

A new kind of luxury

With traditional luxury Lagonda want but apparently do little to. The Vision Concept is to shake up. "We believe that the people consider the luxury in their cars with a traditional and old-fashioned approach, because until now, everything was what we offered them," says Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer. "Lagonda is there to Think about this challenge and to prove to be modern and luxurious, not to contradict."

Everything is different in the Design

Freed from the constraints of conventional drives of 5,30 metres long, the Lagonda looks much different than it was accustomed to the luxury sedans. The extremely slim windscreen, flowing almost organically from the short "engine"hood. The ultra elongated Coupé-line deep into the rear. The wheelbase is gigantic. The benefit of the space in the interior. Just like the sophisticated doors that open in opposite directions to the outside and also to the top. And for you to take a section of the glass roof and create a space in which passengers can get on and off.

Level 4-Autonomy

The interior of the Lagonda Vision Concept presents four feudal single chair. In the back there are fold-out footrests, the front, the chairs can rotate up to 180 degrees. Hung up they are on the booms, so that a completely flat interior floor. You presumably can see where this is all: The Lagonda is designed for autonomy to Level 4. Accordingly, the steering Wheel can be lowered, and on both sides of the vehicle to be moved. For the exorbitant luxury in the interior, brought the English furniture designer David Linley, son of Princess Margaret. He Association of more conventional materials such as Carbon and leather with very traditional fabrics such as wool, silk and Kashmir.

640 Km Range

What relates to the drive of the Lagonda Vision, Concept, Aston Martin is the cat really out of the bag. What is clear is that the study has a fully variable all-wheel drive and a real electric driving range of 640 kilometres.(sw)