This is the Subaru Viziv Tourer Concept

Geneva, 7. March 2018

If you rumlungert on the car to measure at the Subaru booth, you can admire, in General, a fairly sizable and technically sophisticated study. Usually it is called something with "Viziv". This stands for "Vision for Innovation". The Problem is: what comes ultimately to the market is never so beautiful. Or progressive. Latest example is The Subaru Viziv Tourer Concept at the Geneva auto salon in 2018. A 4,78 meters long and very very dashing combination. Probably one of the most beautiful station wagons of the whole fair.

Now builds him, but finally

But Subaru will bring the edgy-muscular thing ever in the series? Probably not. Of a "possible views of a station wagon" is out of the question. Which means, not eh. Or comes so diluted, that you want him. Why can't appearance of the next Levorg and Legacy? People would knock on Subaru, the place. Even if the "advanced assistance systems" should be as planned in 2020. Also, the now somewhat aged all-wheel drive-Boxer-Team in the Viziv we could see. But Subaru please: Makes a Viziv-study, but finally a Viziv-series product.(sw)