This is the new Ram 1500

Detroit, 15. January 2018

Yes, the new Ram 1500 looks inside and out much smarter and more modern. However, the chic make-up is far from the only important innovation of the popular Pickup Truck. Upon closer Inspection, it becomes clear that The engineers have so sums up virtually no stone left unturned, and nearly every mechanical part, in order to make the Ram lighter, stronger, and safer. In addition, you could increase the payload.

100 pounds lighter

What would be of us and think of it in a Ram first? Clearly, Diet. The new Ram (in the US 2019er model listed) loses as a Crew Cab good for 100 kilos of weight. Responsible for this: A framework that consists of 98-percent high-strength steels (and a couple of chunks of aluminum). The majority of the body is still made of conventional steel. Ram is not, therefore, follows the Ford F-Series and your idea of a completely aluminium-crafted body. This is justified with a better long-term durability, the Ram-customers, apparently, special value.

Hybridization for V8

Further steps in the direction of a much-needed increase in efficiency include the nine percent improvement in the cW value to 0,357 (including the new Ram 1500 is a good 2.5 inches of flat and gets a retractable Spoiler under the front bumper) as well as the introduction of new Hybrid drives. The "E-Torque" System referred to comprises an optimized 48-Volt starter generator, and a 0,43 kWh Lithium-ion battery in the rear wall of the cabin space. In still 305 HP and 365 Newton meters of strong 3.6-Liter V6, the System is integrated as standard and to boost the Speed up with additional 122 Newton-meters. Optionally, the light-electrification is also for the 5.7-Liter V8 available. Here is supported with 176 Extra Newton meters. The performance of the eight-cylinder engine is 395 HP and 556 Newton meters. To to a not closer specified time, the 3.0-litre V6 Diesel return to the Ram lineup.

Brute Payloads

Indispensable in the Revision of the Trucks: The increase of payloads. The Ram 1500 was already an absolute beast, but now much more goes again: Up to 5,760 thousand pounds is allowed to take the 2019er model to the hook (so far, there were 4.820 kilos), the load increases from 850 to 1,040 pounds. It is good to know that the new Ram has also got bigger brakes. The front discs grow marginally to 380 mm.

Interior with a new giant-screen

Optical differences it detects in front of all of the things at the Front. With a new Ram Logo, and much narrower, more modern-looking headlights, which are designed for some models of in LED technology. Inside, it's interior chief designer Ryan Nagode says they've changed about 99 percent of the interior. Even if this may sound to European ears in the strange, but the 2019er Ram offers significantly more space than before. Both for passengers and for their Luggage. The most striking innovation is likely to be of the Twelve-inch Infotainment screen, now vertically in the dash broad. The image is divisible, that is to say: at the Top of the Navi-map, or the Apple-Carplay-Android-Auto-Screen can be displayed, while the bottom of things like the air conditioning to be operated.

Crash safety is increased

Assistance systems include a 360-degree camera, a dead-angle-Warner (works with up to twelve metres in length-trailers), an adaptive cruise control or a lane-keeping assistant. Especially cool: The camera and the radar sensors are in the Grill, but the top of the windshield is not installed, so that the common attachments such as snow ploughs or bull bars interfere with the driving AIDS. Meanwhile, the Crash to increase security noticeably. The should Ram less owners take care of is much more the drivers of all other cars in fear and terror.

Market launch in the first quarter of 2018

All of the off-roader among the Ram Fans are in for a tire on a Rebel-variant with a lift, 33-inch, Bilstein dampers, a rear differential lock and kernigerer optics offers. The new Ram 1500 is in the United States in the first quarter of 2018 at the dealers. Then the local import should bring yours, too quickly to Germany.(sw)