This is the new Euro-Impreza

Friedberg, 3. July 2017

At the Frankfurt IAA in 2017 (14. - 24. September) will present Subaru with the new Impreza five-door hatchback for Europe. As a sedan and a Hatchback, the fifth Impreza Generation in Japan and the USA already since the end of 2016. As a second car for Europe (in addition to the next XV, of the rolls by the end of 2017 to the dealers) is the 2017er-Impreza on Subaru's completely new, global platform. The platform, in the future, all (!) Subaru of Compact station wagons to SUVs.

More dynamics, still Boxer-diesel

The so-called "Subaru Global Platform" is also intended to allow the use of Hybrid and electric drives. For the time being, but will also set the new Impreza to the classic combination of a four-cylinder Boxer petrol engines (1.6 and 2.0 litre displacement) and the Subaru-typical, symmetrical all-wheel drive. According to Subaru, the new vehicle base provides for "freedom of the Design, more safety and driving fun". Compared with the previous 95 percent of the cars are completely new. The car is longer, wider and has a longer wheelbase than in the past. Subaru prides itself in the USA with best-in-class space. In addition, a five millimetre lower centre of gravity, as well as a revised suspension with more direct steering in terms of driving dynamics is to contribute to the "biggest step forward" you "have ever made". Improved smoothness and a reduction in the noise and vibration levels should also increase driving comfort.

Eyesight is now standard

Progress has been made in the security and the interior look and feel. Subaru's Eyesight technology, which consists of the usual conglomerate of lane-keeping assistant, blind spot warning system and emergency brake assist, is now standard on Board. What is new is that the emergency braking function also works when reversing. A much more modern, clearer infotainment system to be replaced with Smartphone-like operation the Grey, which was so far in the Impreza cockpit for discomfort. Here, too, the Impreza makes a good step forward. Whether there will be a hot WRX STI Version is not yet known. Also for the European market launch and the price has not expressed a Subaru so far.(sw)