This electric vehicle can even be a Nissan GTR

Igersheim, October 15, 2015

Price Question: If the ancient motto " Faster, higher, further " meets modern marketing, what is the result? A corrupt Football Association? A Doping Festival? Maybe, but certainly also the world record being. Just a few examples from recent times: the world record in the book - Domino at the Book Fair, the world record in the tire barrier and the world record in the acceleration with an electric kart. Can we take it seriously that? No matter. The latter record shows at any rate that electric cars are not boring.

Faster than a Nissan GT-R

In hybrid vehicles, which has long been clear. Supersports like the Porsche 918 Spyder, the McLaren P1 or laferrari testify, as well as the formula was established in September 2014 E. However, pure electric cars can be really fast. An electric kart has now mastered the Tempo 100 sprint in around 2.6 seconds. To be precise: The carts took 2.635 seconds for the sprint from zero to 60 mph. By comparison, the fastest mass-produced car with a conventional drive, the 550-hp Nissan GT - R, needs 2.7 seconds for the Tempo 100 spurt.

Pulverized age Most

So far, the fastest time was for electric karts at 3.45 seconds. This value from 2011 pulverized now on 23 September 2015, electric carts, which was jointly organized by the electric drive specialists Wittenstein from Igersheim designed and built ( near Würzburg ), the University of Osnabrück and the battery company H - Tech AG from Liechtenstein.

Power to weight ratio better than Agera R and Co.

The world record - Kart has a maximum power of 179 hp, with a weight of the kart (without driver) of only 175 kilos. Thus, the power to weight ratio is just under one kilogram per hp. That's better than the values ​​of absolute leaders of this discipline as Koenigsegg Agera R ( 1.26 ), Ariel Atom ( 1.51 ) or Bugatti Veyron (1.69 ). This makes it clear where the secret of success of the kart is: the low weight . ( sl )