The X 1 becomes the Kurvenstar

Lennestadt, 26 February 2016

With up to 231 HP, the currently smallest BMW SUV x 1 is not just underpowered. Each two-litre diesel - or gasoline four-cylinder accelerating the 1.6-ton Lifestyler loosely over the 200 km/h mark. What has been missing the suspension specialists H & r with so much power reserves, was an adequate road holding. Therefore the company from the Sauerland has now tailored sport springs for the handy crossover.

Once cut, please

With the new and sporty suspension components, the X is lowered 1 30 front and rear 25 millimeters. This is enhanced not only the wedge shape of the vehicle, the wheels also visible approaching the wheel house edges. Benefit to including the driving dynamics, because the Centre of gravity closer to the asphalt. According to H & R's SUV is so quiet on the road and falter in curve is significantly reduced. Compromising in terms of practicality, however, not must be made.

Wheel spacers, reports of part of and prices

Prices for the sport spring Kit is available directly from the manufacturer. Included is a vehicle-specific parts certificate for the official approval of the road. And if you want even more individuality in the H & R program, can be found, for example, at the "Trak + wheel spacers. Series - as well as retrofit wheels into the wheel arches to be outward move. (ml)