The VW Polo rally car is back

Wolfsburg, 8. November 2017

The time Volkswagen in the World rally Championship (WRC), was pretty great. In the four years of the affiliation, and they won the title four times. More is not somehow. The cruel must have been for the whole of the WRC Team at the farewell at the end of the year 2016. The WRC brought a couple of exciting new rules to the Plan, the car was in-between, in principle, finished, but then radioed the impact of the Diesel scandal.

Not more at the "Big Boys"

Too bad. But it has to go on. In 2018 it will. With a new VW Polo rally car. The same is not, however, intended for the big boys. The new gravel-Polo comes in the Form of a R5-customer-sports-cars. You can buy it this time. If you think that the value of a Lamborghini Huracán in a slightly wider, slightly faster Polo GTI. VW calls still no prices, but € 200,000 is usually not a lot in an R5 car.

Polo-GTI-base, but with 270 HP

As the Basis of the upcoming Polo GTI used this time, actually. A turbocharged four-cylinder pushes 270 HP from its optimized offal, a whole bunch more so, than you will get the 200-horsepower production car. In contrast to this, the Polo GTI R5 also features a four-wheel drive, a sequential five-speed gearbox, as well as all of the FIA-certified safety equipment, you know like when you are on ice, snow or gravel too fast to trees and precipices vorbeijagt.

Competition from private house

According to VW, the development of the Polo GTI R 5 is already since the beginning of 2017 is in full swing. In addition to the successful start-up of tracks-athlete Golf GTI TRC is the R5 VWD second offer for the customer sport. The management of the program, Francois-Xavier Demaison. He is also regarded as the "father" of the WRC-series-Champions Polo R WRC, which makes for the Polo GTI, R5 is hope. Competition from the private house is also available. The Skoda Fabia R5 has been successful for many years in the rally circus on the road.(sw)