The smallest yacht in the world with tropical wood interior

Frankfurt, 1 July 2016

What do you do if you're such a pitiful cracker as we can afford even a single, small boat? If you have a House with a swimming pool on the Riviera and no horse in the stable? To buy is the Fiat 500 Riva. The smallest yacht in the world, such as the Fiat says.

A Croatian pop group?

Cracker as we keep for a place on Lake Garda or even for a Croatian pop band Riva. All while this is not wrong, but here the Italian powerboat manufacturer founded by Carlo Riva is meant. The mahogany semi-monocoque Riva boats with eight-cylinder internal outboard engine from Chrysler were a status symbol in the 1950s. Brigitte Bardot was also one, Sean Connery and Sophia Loren, and so it goes on like in the who's who of the 1950s. The boats were even called the Rolls-Royce of the seas. So, but at least the two vehicles share not quite the League of the classic Fiat 500 the era and country of origin. Just in time to the birthday of the Fiat 500 presented on July 4, 1957, there is now a special model, which was developed in cooperation with Riva.

Lots of tropical wood in the Interior

Tropical Woods like mahogany, have the advantage of high weather and water resistance and are therefore often used in the boat and aircraft construction. 500 Riva bears against the mahogany inside: the dashboard is covered with the fine wood and light maple wood inserts. Even the shift knob is made from solid mahogany and the steering wheel has a mahogany usage. White leather seats with dark blue welting are added. The special model is painted in blue, in the same colour as the latest powerboat model of Riva, the Aquariva Super. The closed version of the 500 has a Black roof, while the 500C has a blue hood Riva. Side mirrors, door handles and the trim on the hood are in chrome, with a circumferential strip of Turquoise and exclusive 16-inch alloy wheels with blue finish. The name of the shipyard up on the A-pillar, and on the dashboard.

All four engines

All four engines of 500 will be offered: the 69 PS strong base petrol engine, the two-cylinder gasoline engine with 85 or 105 HP and the 95-HP diesel engine. Also automatic climate control, fog lights and LED daytime running lights are standard equipment next to the mahogany parts and the leather seats with "500"-signature. The central instrument before the driver is a TFT screen. An entertainment system with seven-inch display tablet look is also always on board. The first 500 vehicles will receive a numbered plaque. Optionally, there are digital radio (DAB) and a GPS from TomTom, as well as an audio system by beats by Dr. Dre. The 500 Riva is autumn 2016 at dealerships. Prices not yet called Fiat. (sl)