The „smaller“ AMG A 35 caught

Stuttgart, 1. June 2018

The new Mercedes A-class is currently running on all channels. With her Mega-Clever Infotainment it has left the first test drive tidy impression. Meanwhile, Mercedes has introduced the A-class saloon and informed us that six (!) further variants will follow. In the future, two AMG derivatives not counting, of course. You see: The A-class multiply like Rabbits. Friends of the Performance can only be right, because that also means: more AMGs. The first of which you see here. And no, that is not the successor of A 45.

Round tailpipes tell the "small" AMG

At first we assumed. The lowered suspension, the wider track and the grill. The latter shows vertical struts, such as at the pan-American Grill, which is actually reserved for the AMG top models. If you look on the rear of this A-class prototypes, we know what the deal is. Here it is – the four round tailpipes give it away – to the new A-35, a kind of civilian AMG entry-level version in the style of C 43, CLS 53, and co. All of these models wear Recently, namely, four round Exhaust around. The "full-fat"-AMG-variants such as the C 63 on the other hand, four rectangular tailpipes. And the Grill? A deception seems to be maneuver. In the series we will get to do it with a specimen with a cross-strut. So at least we know it from C 43, and the other.

A 35 with the mild hybrid?

What relates to the performance of the new A 35, the term "AMG light" more than out of place. Under the hood is a two-liter Turbo-four-cylinder on the loose. The power goes to all four wheels. A few months ago, AMG boss Tobias Moers had announced an Output of more than 300 HP. According to rumours, even up to 335 HP. A mild hybrid with an additional electric compressor and the starter generator as the CLS 53 is also discussed, but appears unlikely.

Next A 45 with over 400 HP

Also in a real A-45-successor, is still not really clear is whether he will be called A 45 or A 50, it was always debated over and over again a small electrical pacemaker. It seems as if the target performance of more than 400 HP without the E-Booster can be realized. Besides, the Top A-class should have a smarter all-wheel drive, the driving fun will raise the Level noticeably. No matter how it turns out in the end, Mercedes-AMG is making the compact class is again a corner faster. Even faster. The VW-Golf-R-opponent AMG A 35 we expect the year 2018. The Audi-RS-3-competitor for AMG A 45 (or A 50) should come out in 2019 on the market.(sw)