The Rolls-Royce SUV is so great

Hair, 9 December 2016

Recently, Rolls-Royce surprised us with a specially published Erlkönig photo of the upcoming SUV with the euphonious name "Cullinan". Now's also our Erlkönig Hunter, succeeded to capture the enormous vehicle on its memory card. We have the pictures with new perspectives and the hottest information about the Cullinan.

New look at side and rear

Only the front end of the SUV was on the official Rolls Royce photo to see we can look well on the side line and the rear. Particularly striking well over five meters long vehicle? The rolls typical handles on the rear door. Apparently, even the Cullinan will have the extravagant opposite opening doors, how to find Phantom and Ghost them also with the brands brothers.

2018 we go

2018 starts series production of the Cullinan, at the same time puts corporate parent BMW 7 on the market the smaller X. Regarding the technology, Rolls-Royce speaks of a new chassis with all-wheel drive and a new aluminum architecture, the gradually get all models of the brand. So far, the technique in a so-called "Mule" was tried, which was similar to the phantom. 2017, it is for the correct Cullinan to the cold environmental trials in the Arctic Circle, later heat test in the Middle East. Also the most potent clientele should sit there, in Dubai and co.. By the way: The test vehicle on our photos went together with a range Rover autobiography. But no wonder eventually wants to build Rolls-Royces with the Cullinan's most luxurious SUV, that money can buy. (mf)