The Otto particle filter is 2017

Wolfsburg, 3. August 2015

The enlightenment of the diesel scandal has only just begun, as the VW Group presents an exhaust-side innovation for its gasoline engine: from the year 2017 VW will begin gradually to equip all its direct injection TSI and TFSI engines with a new particulate filter. Ever a vehicle from VW and Audi make the start.

90 percent of less soot particles

Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn, head of research and development in the VW Group, to the new technology: "efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions we reduce the emission of our modern petrol engines now by the repetitive use of the particle filter sustainably." The so-called Otto particle filter is designed to reduce the emission of soot particles from gasoline engines by up to 90 percent.

It starts with the Tiguan and A5

The first are two vehicles which are equipped with the new system, the VW Tiguan and Audi A5. Former is the TSI engine with 1.4 litre capacity, at the Ingolst├Ądter around the TFSI unit with two litres of burning space. (mf)