The new generation is under 800 kg

Hethel (England), 20 March 2017

With an unladen weight of under 900 kilos, the various versions of the Lotus Elise has been among the lightest road-legal cars. Now, the British manufacturer announces a new generation of the purist Roadster, which is again easier.

Among the 800-kilo sound barrier

Much weight was saved when the new jewel of the series, the Elise Sprint. You brings 41 kilos of less weight compared to its predecessor and has a dry weight of only 798 kilograms now. The cost-cutting measures include a lithium-ion battery (nine kilos savings), carbon seats (six kilos) and lighter wheels (five kilos). The front cover, which are roll cover and hood made of carbon and the rear window from polycarbonate, brings what another six kilos. Other optimizations that access on all models come to these 26 kilo savings in the Elise Sprint. Also four kilos lighter brake discs available are may 2017.

Unmodified engines

The basics of the ELISE harshness remained unchanged: the lightweight chassis and the chassis. Only the springs have been adapted to the reduced weight. Nothing changes to the engines. A 1.6-liter engine with 136 Horsepower basis as before (Elise Sprint and Elise sport), there is a 1.8-liter supercharged engine with 220 HP (Elise Sprint 220 and Elise sport 220). Moreover, even the Elise Cup 250, where the supercharged unit 250 horsepower.

Faster Sprint and better sound

The weight is noticeable in an acceleration time of 6.3 seconds for the Elise Sprint, the Sprint 220 takes only 4.5 seconds to reach speed 100. For comparison, the old Elise sport needed 6.5 seconds, the ELISE sports 220 amounted to 4.6 seconds. In addition, the improved acoustics of the new 220 models: get a new tail pipe and provide the best four-cylinder sound on the market now.

Open switching mechanism and new center console

Outside only optical details changed, but the Interior is completely revised. So there's the open switching mechanism, sport 350 was introduced in the exige here now. Is a special eye-catcher and saves a kg compared to the previous circuit. Also, the ELISE is the center console from the exige. The instruments have been redesigned and should be now better readable. A new on-board entertainment system with iPod connection and Bluetooth function is also available. There is also optional Alcantara covers for the steering wheel, the air surrounds and the bars. Also the paint color "Electric Light Blue" is new.

Rates start at 40,800 euros

The new Elise can be ordered from now, delivery begins in the April 2017. Prices increase slightly: the initial 40,800 euros now (Elise sports) instead of 39,900 euro. The Elise Sprint is for 47.300 euro. The 220S models are each 9,000 euros more expensive than the corresponding normal engine. The Elise Cup 250 eventually fails with 62.600 euros. (sl)