The new BMW 3-series could look like

Hair, 27. June 2018

For a long time always again to the next Generation of the BMW 3-series prototypes to be spotted. now has turned into a image that shows how the new middle class from Munich could look like.

On the F30, G20 follows

The current sixth Generation (with the internal Code F30) came on the market in 2012, is the successor to. He wears the Code of the G20 and is expected to start in 2019. Under the sheet metal, the new 3 series is based on the CLAR platform (CLuster ARchitecture, formerly known as 35up known), which comes in the future, generally from the 3 series upwards. The new platform for a significantly lower weight. And, although the 3-series is bigger and so more space for people and Material.

CLAR: mainly technical Changes

Visually, the new looks of the current 3 series is quite similar. The headlights, however, are a little less high and less curved than in the past, the kidney is a bit larger – here, the 3 series is similar to the 5 series. The Silhouette and the proportions are hardly changed, which is not surprising in the case of a successful model. The new 3-series is a shrunken 5-series? Not quite. Firstly, the rear lights are different. You will not probably have the Form of the underlying Hockey stick when the fool erlkönig images. And secondly, the (new and old) 3P has no gills behind the front wheel arches like the 5-series.

M340i and M340d

The hottest versions for the Start-up is expected to be a M340i xDrive with 360 HP and a M340d with 326 HP. Of course, it is also working on a new M3 that is expected to have about 500 HP. According to rumors there will be a new "S58"machine, which will debut on the X3 M, where you 475 HP. A Plug-in Hybrid will probably give back. For details of the new 3 series, we learn probably in September, because we expect that the new 3 series is at the Paris auto salon. The information and images are expected to be published shortly in front of it.(sl)