The new Bentley Continental GT3

Crewe (UK), 9. November 2017

In September 2017, Bentley pulled out at the IAA in Frankfurt am Main in the cloths of the new edition of the Continental GT. Only two months later, the British manufacturer behind pushes the GT3 Version. And this second Generation of the race car has to fill very big shoes to fill. The Continental GT3 will be the first Generation in the partnership as the most winner in the long-distance proved to be racing, and so far, 120 podium finishes, and 45 wins in 528 races around the world. Which Features the strong bespoilerte new edition has?

V8 with 550 HP and hits less than 1,300 kilograms

"The new Continental GT has proved to be an excellent starting point for the development of a new race car," said Bentley head of Motorsport Brian Gush. The vehicle was built in Crewe, where it was developed by a Team from Bentley's Motorsport engineers and technicians of the partner M-Sport. As well as the road car, the GT3 is based on the mostly-aluminum architecture. During the normal Conti but still about 2.2 tons on the scale, the racing version has a weight of well under 1,300 kilograms. Unlike the StVO-compliant car with a 635-HP-strong 6.0-Liter W12, the GT3 also has "only" a 4.0-LIter V8 twin turbo under the hood that makes 550 HP. Also new: the dry-sump system, the tract of the intake, the exhaust system, as well as the suspension and brake systems.

Racing debut by early 2018 in Monza

Thus, the new race car is allowed to take over the tasks of his predecessor, he must complete a six-month test program. This takes place in the UK, France and Portugal, and includes among other things a full 24-hour simulations. At the Start of the Continental GT3 will be rolled out in 2018. His race debut, he is at the opening race of the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup at 21. 22. April in Monza. Who is in the Cockpit, is not yet known.(ml)