The most powerful GTI of all times?

Wolfsburg, May 8, 2015

Every year, VW makes failed trials as a radical Golf Roadster or a 400-horsepower compact cars at GTI Meet at W├Ârthersee stir. In terms of a 2015er study we were groping in the dark so far, but now sketches have emerged which give a first impression. The premiere of the concept will take place from 13 to 16 May 2015 during the event.

More aerodynamic

VW has apparently significantly gewerkelt on the aerodynamics of the Golf GTI study. Front bears the Clubsport a new front apron with large air intakes. At the rear, a lush roof spoiler was installed.

More performance

In terms of engine power, an increase can be expected: only offered in power levels with 220 and 230 PS During the production GTI, has the two-liter four-cylinder engine from the VW shelf is still potential for improvement. We think of performance data that can be compared with the new Seat Cupra. In the Spanish branch of the engine operates as a 265-or 280 - hp variant. Theoretically more steam would be even more in there, then the study would however make the Golf R with 300 hp competitors.


VW wants a possible launch anyway make the offer - and - demand principle depends. Translated, this means that are interested enough fans for the model, then the chances that the 40th anniversary GTI anniversary in 2016, at least a small series is included in the program of the new super-GTI. Priced the Clubsport should then level off between the normal Golf GTI and the Golf R. In figures, this would be around 34,100 euros . (ml)