The mobile Land-Rover-kitchen

Kronberg, 5. October 2017

Normally, the Special Vehicle Operations Department is more likely to increase the performance of the Jaguar or Land-Rover-series models, but now the SVO has implemented a slightly unusual order. The mobile dream kitchen of the British star chef Jamie Oliver on the Basis of the country was implemented Rover Discovery. The result is faszinierrend ... and quite unique.

More kitchen equipment than in many a Restaurant

So, no other Discovery has on the world (at least we assume) a Toaster in the center console, a jam cupboard behind the climate control knobs and an eighth from the PTO into the swing placed in the rotary grill. Also on Board: a Slow cooker in the engine compartment, a pasta machine, a gas stove, as well as a out of the trunk extendable dining table that doubles as a kitchen countertop. And even a herb patch and a spice rack. Both are housed in the rear window. And now you ask yourself only, what are the silver-colored "pots" on the wheels? Three of the aluminum casing with five-Liter capacity to serve as a butter maker, a ice maker. Why not?

A huge challenge for SVO

"I put the Land Rover in front of an enormous challenge: Creating the ultimate kitchen on four wheels! I had big dreams and have a lot of demands. But the result blows me away. I didn't think you were actually able to place a Slow cooker in addition to the engine, and an olive oil dispenser in the trunk," said Jamie Oliver. And the head of the SVO Department David Fairbairn added: "We could not imagine that we were once asked to develop wheels which churned. But it was a lot of fun to work with Jamie, and to make his visions a reality." Well, we hope not only that Mr. Oliver turns in the future, accidentally a salad with motor oil.(ml)