The-lifted Infiniti QX80

Dubai (UAE), 13. November 2017

In the year 2013 was a Facelift from the since 2010, offered for the Infiniti QX56 and the QX80. The last Update of the U.S. Full-Size SUVs is four years and the technical Basis is already seven years old. So it would be high time to bring the big Infiniti up to date, and indeed, the manufacturer announced another Facelift for 2018. But the technology will change nothing, and so it remains in an archaic 5.6-Liter V8 with 405 HP and a seven-speed automatic under the sheet metal dress.

New face, modified rear

The Styling updates give the luxury of tractors, however, to a much more glamorous appearance. So the Grill was enlarged and the spotlight has moved to the top. Moreover, it could not resist the Infiniti, the Openings in the front apron to widen. The needy little getting used to, and three-limousines-SUV-Frankenstein-face of its predecessor, finally shelved. At the rear was not as much demand for action, and therefore, there is only updated tail lamps and a more angular tailgate.

New sewing Pattern in the interior

In the interior, the changes are not very obvious. The arrangement of the screens, buttons, or switches has not been changed. For a bit of fresh Wind new sewing Pattern on the Seats and in the door panels. 14. to 18. November, Infiniti shows the QX80 at the Dubai Motor Show. By the end of 2017, the car will then come to the US market. In Europe, will be the QX80. Here is the largest Infiniti-product of the QX70 with a 3.7-Liter V6 from 53.800 Euro, respectively, with 5.0-Liter V8 from 70.700 Euro.(ml)