The Hüftairbag comes

Las Vegas, 11. January 2018

The "world's first portable Airbag" is currently at the electronics trade fair CES (Consumer Electronics Show, 9. to 12. To see January 2018 in Las Vegas). The Hip Air of Helite may look at first glance, a little silly, but it is intended to prevent serious injuries especially in seniors. He doesn't protect but from collisions with vehicles, but should mitigate crash consequences.

Acceleration sensors detect the fall

The airbag-equipped belt weighs about a kilogram, and beeps, if you create it in a wrong direction. He uses acceleration sensors to detect a fall within 200 milliseconds. The two air bags to deploy in just 80 milliseconds. Given that the average fall lasts according to Helite, about 400 milliseconds, it is enough to protect the wearer from the impact. The two Airbags that envelop the hips, and to absorb 90 percent of impact energy.

Not a cheap accessory

Helite has experience with unusual air bags: The company also manufactures Airbag-equipped Jackets for motorcyclists. With a US retail price of approximately EUR 660 of the belt, however, is significantly more expensive than padded underwear, which is otherwise often worn for protection. The Hip Air is introduced in March 2018 in Europe before being sold in September in the United States.(sl)