The great legends final

Molsheim, August 8, 2014

Bugatti celebrates the completion of its editorial series " Les L├ęgendes de Bugatti " ( Bugatti legends ). A year ago, the automaker had with the first copy of " Jean - Pierre Wimille " on the Monterey Car Week to kick off the exclusive series can be heard. Now the sixth and final issue makes its debut at the same event in California. From 11 to 17 August 2014 you can admire all six special editions at once for the first and only time. Exclusive all models, but the last is now wearing even the name of the founder of the brand, " Ettore Bugatti ".

Basic research

Design model of Edition No. 6 is the Bugatti Type 41 Royal from the 1920s. The automotive icon was then designed and built a prototype of Ettore Bugatti. That greed can also be horny, fortunately, was still completely unknown, and Bugatti equipped the Type 41 with less than a 15-liter straight eight-cylinder. In the standard version it has baked then something smaller rolls. In her 12.7 liters had to meet. The 300 - horsepower engine may be, but royal operate from the 190 - liter fuel tank. Today's technical base of the " Ettore Bugatti " could become successful the " tight is right Motto " escape. It is as with all legends cars of Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse. The race car is powered by a 1,200 hp eight-liter W16 engine that develops a torque of 1,500 Newton meters. This makes the Veyron with just under 409 km / h top speed is still the fastest production roadster in the world.

Legends in detail

As with the Type 41 is the front part of the vehicle " Ettore Bugatti " polished aluminum, which was then coated with clear lacquer. Furthermore, the front door, the mirror feet, door handles, bumpers, fenders and doors from the same polished light alloy are made. The rear part of the vehicle is transcribed exactly kept in a dark blue hue, even if the material has now changed ?? it consists of carbon composite fibers. Outside is the Bugatti metallic cool, inside it is "animal " luxurious. It seems as if the legends farmer sewed a whole herd of cows, and thus clothed the entire interior out. Thus, the switches have been refined for the window with the animal hides itself.

Rare and expensive as a work of art

Like all the other five vehicles Legends series is a strictly limited edition of the " Ettore Bugatti ". Three vehicles will be built that will be so expensive and rare with a price of 2.35 million euros as a sought-after piece of art. Thus, from the automotive pioneer not a classical artist, as it had planned his parents, but his automotive works, at least the same properties as a work of art . (ml )