The First Performance Hyundai

Düsseldorf, 13. July 2017

Many thousands of kilometres of chassis and suspension testing on the Nordschleife, the fine-tuning of the engine and the transmission, the review of rally Pilot Thierry Neuville and participation in the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring behind the compact vehicle, which is now, at last, the world public was presented: the curtain rises on the first Performance model of the Hyundai brand, the curtain on the i30 N.

The first Hyundai high-performance model with N

The i30 N is not only the first high-performance product of the Korean car manufacturer, but at the same time, also the first model of the newly renamed N-Department (comparable with Audi Sport, the M GmbH, OPC, or Mercedes AMG). As the Basis for the i30 N the third Generation of the normal i30 had to serve. In the dimensions of the output model and Performance do not differ-Version. The N is, depending on the rim size, only a couple of mm shallower than the civilian counterpart.

The heart in Detail

Visually, the differences are striking: While the normal i30 chic but very well-behaved, therefore, the i30 N on first glance, his new-found potency pretty aggressively and wildly. Speaking of potency: at the heart of The compact athlete is a 2.0-Liter four-cylinder petrol engine, offered in two power levels: 250 HP (i30 N) and 275 HP (i30 N Performance). The maximum torque of 353 Newton meters have both variants together.

Transmission, engine and driving performance

Is coupled to the engine with a manual six-speed transmission that delivers office automatic Rev-matching by double-declutching function, the power to the front wheels. The Sprint from standstill to 100 kph is done in only 6.4 seconds, the Performance variant of this discipline in 6.1 seconds. Maximum speed is 250 km/h. And for the right sound backdrop to a two-pipe exhaust system to provide a variable valve control.

Five driving modes and a Launch Control

For the first time a Hyundai model in this country, an adaptive sports suspension. Five programs are available to the driver: Eco, Normal, Sport, and N, as well as a freely programmable setting. Two buttons on the steering Wheel are influenced not only by the characteristics of the shock absorber, various parameters of the engine, the electronic stability control system, Sound, steering, and speed adjustment. In the more powerful i30 N Performance, the effect of the electronically controlled differential lock. In addition, on Board warning is ... ... a Launch Control. Yes, actually.

Sporty Interior

In the interior, Hyundai equipped the N-model, a black headliner, with leather-sport blue stitching seats, a ball-shaped gear knob and the N-logo at various Places. Behind the Valance electronic instruments are fitted with a gearshift indicator, and varying the red region of the tachometer (depending on driving dynamics and oil Temperature). In addition, there is a G-force display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a storage area for the Smartphone with inductive charging function.

Special model for the market introduction

From the age of 17. July 2017 and up to 24. September, the 100 units limited "First Edition" at a price of to 30,900 Euro can be ordered. It is a well-equipped Performance version with 275 HP. To be what is the base price of an i30 N, once available, is not yet known. We expect, however, with a starting price of around 25,000 euros.(ml)