The cult scooter from Italy are back

Krems (Austria), 8 June 2017

The Lambretta is back. The cult scooter designed by the Italian company Innocenti and built from 1947 to 1971 is one of the best known and most widely produced two-wheeled vehicles of the world. Now, the Italian brand celebrates its 70th anniversary with the introduction of a new model called V-Special.

Innocenti produced four million Lambrettas

The name Lambretta was created from the Milan district of Lambrate, where Ferdinando Innocenti started his steel company in 1931. After the war, the company developed a scooter with two-stroke engine. It was produced from 1947, and in bulk: Innocenti itself produced over four million units. What is still the production of numerous licensees in many countries in Europe, but also South America and India. In the 1960s, the two-wheeled crisis caught also Innocenti. The founder died in 1966, then British Leyland took over the company, which produced also car models by Austin and mini. The scooter production was relocated first to India and in 1971. 1990 Innocenti was sold to the Fiat group and the name disappeared. The Lugano-based Lambretta SA survived the roller brand but in the form of

The generic products should disappear

In the course of time, the Lambretta (in addition to the Vespa) became the coveted scooter spares. In many countries, there are even Lambretta clubs. Currently, the global market with replicas from China, India and Thailand is flooded. But the company Lambretta does to ensure in future that the generic products disappear. Fans will complement its collection through new, "real" Lambrettas.

Retro design by Kiska

The new model has an edgy retro design that is apparently based on the Lui 50 and 75 and the Lambretta GP / DL by the end of the 1960s. The design was developed by the Salzburg agency Kiska (who also works for brands such as KTM and Husqvarna) in collaboration with the Italian Lambretta community.

V50, V125, V200, and electric

The machines carry the type name V50 (50 cc), V125 (125cc) and V200 (169 ccm). All models have a LCD-display with Bluetooth, LED light front and rear, as well as LED indicators. Series is also a storage compartment under the seat. Front all variants have a disc brake, rear, the V50 has only a drum brake. ABS is fitted as standard with the V200. A total of seven skins, as well as brown or black seats are offered. An electric version to follow in 2018. And that's not all: including classics such as GP 200 and SX 200 should be put back with gasoline and electric propulsion. (sl)