The compressor-Mustang-820 HP

Munich, 7 April 2016

The Ford Mustang GT with its five litre V8 and 421 HP is already a lame duck House. What the U.S. Auto specialists by Geiger but now offer cars in Munich for the legendary pony car, almost bordering animal cruelty.

Compressor for more power

The V8 Mustang along with a matching intercoolers, a modified engine block, a finely balanced crankshaft, forged pistons and steel connecting rods on insane 820 HP is inflated by means of a 2.9 litre compressor. That full power only is at a speed of 7,300 revolutions per minute, the whole thing is still emotional. The complete engine conversion includes a new cooling system is to have with Geiger for 34,600 euros. Apart from motor Kit, there's even a stainless steel sport exhaust system with throttle control, hitting in addition with 3,900 euros.

Sport suspension and forged wheels

To adjust the transverse dynamic capabilities of the Mustang of the newfound power of PS, Geiger also offers a newly developed sports suspension for 1,950 euros. The black forged wheels in sizes 8, 5 x 20 inches at the front and 10 x 20 inches at the rear axle go including Michelin tyres for 4,300 euros over the counter.

Wide body kit

An on-site carbon body kit for 8,900 euros among others including a new grille, a front lip with flap, new side sills, a Ducktail spoiler, as well as a new rear section with diffuser ensures an appropriate brutal appearance. The special livery in the striking Orange tone 5,900 euros.

Just over 100,000 euro

Who is too lazy to add the base price of a Mustang GT with all modifications, for which Geiger indicates a complete price: 109.450 euro. Thus, the Mustang GT820 is definitely a contender for the price-performance trophy. (mf)